Our Approach

Our Approach To Reviewing Bitcoin Gambling Sites

The number of online casinos that list Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in their payment methods is increasing rapidly. That’s because there are numerous benefits to paying with crypto: improved anonymity, faster transactions, and small or non-existent fees, just to name a few.

Despite this, it takes a lot of experience and research to find a reliable crypto gambling platform that offers favorable terms of use. This is even more difficult when we consider how drastically cryptocurrencies can rise or fall in a matter of hours. When all these volatile factors turn against us, the result can be devastating to our bankroll.

In this doubly unstable world, it’s essential to find a quality crypto casino that is transparent and secure, just as the best traditional online casinos are. Customers should have a clear idea of how the casino protects users’ assets, and should of course be completely confident that all games on the site are fair.

That’s why we decided to use our extensive experience to develop universal criteria for evaluating crypto gambling operators. Our goal is to provide you with objective, unbiased reviews based on detailed analysis of all aspects of the gaming experience. These reviews will save you plenty of time and a whole lot of stress by giving you everything you need to know about each crypto casino in one place. Here’s how we do it.

We Analyze the Overall User Experience

Design, stability, and the arrangement of the website’s elements have a significant impact on your overall gaming experience. As we test each website, we take into account whether its menus are logically laid out, how fast the pages load, and whether there are any bugs within games, among many other factors.

As crypto enthusiasts appreciate privacy, our reviewers take into account what kind of personal information each site asks for during the registration process. Another important factor is the platform’s compatibility with different types of devices. A good site should work as well on mobile phones and tablets as it does on desktop devices.

We Consider Bonuses and Promotional Offers

If you’ve gambled online before, chances you’ve come across plenty of offers that sound too good to be true. Once you look into the terms and conditions, you’ll find that this is probably the case. Even if bonuses look generous, high wagering requirements can render them practically meaningless. We look for online crypto casinos that offer great deals with reasonable wagering requirements, and we point out the sites that offer false hope.

We Play the Games On Offer

We play as many titles as we can on each site to evaluate the quality of its collection. While many games might look homogenous, there can be a huge variance in quality depending on which software developer created it and what the cashout requirements are. A great online casino offers a diverse game library developed by renowned providers.

It’s also crucial to note how many visitors each website has. That’s because if you’re playing games like poker, you need to have enough opponents to play against. Remember, quality casino games are not just about stunning graphics! We never forget to check whether games use a certified RNG (Random Number Generator), which ensures that they are fair.  

We Rate the Quality of Customer Support

During our evaluation process, we contact customer support representatives from each site to rate their responsiveness, expertise, and friendliness. These are the people you need to turn to when you have a problem that isn’t covered in the FAQ, so you need to know you can trust them. The more support channels on offer (such as live chat, phone, email, and social media) the better.

Customer Support
We Analyze Payment and Transaction Policies

This part of the evaluation process deals with the most important aspect of any crypto casino’s operations: the money. Many crypto gamblers prefer flexibility in terms of payment, so we check how many different cryptocurrencies each site supports. We also measure how long it takes to deposit and withdraw assets on each site. Finally and most importantly, you need to know that your coins will be stored safely. We prefer sites that use unique wallet addresses and store coins in offline wallets for maximum security.

Responsible Gambling

We are well aware that gambling can negatively affect the individuals involved, as well as their families and friends. That’s why we fully support online casinos that have established links with organizations such as GamCare to provide professional help to people suffering from gambling problems.